OTT mobile app development

Any TV or video content that is streamed over the internet is referred to as "over-the-top" (OTT). Includes any web or mobile streaming service, such as Netflix or YouTube.

Features of OTT Video Apps

Multilingual content

To reach a wider demographic and expand your business beyond the geographical borders where your core user base resides, it's critical that you add more languages' video content besides English to your site's video library.

Netflix was able to gain over a million new subscribers as a result of this one move, resulting in an increase of more than 150 million video streaming hours.


Explore or Search is a must-have feature in OTT streaming. As a result, all age groups should be able to see it. The search drop-down menu should include as many genre options as possible.

User profile

This is a given. A user profile option must be available in your application, allowing users to manage their own side of the application, including the content they want to watch, their preferred payment method, and suggestions based on their viewing history.

Have multiple screens in the app if you're going the Netflix route of adding more users. Each user gets their own set of OTT platform features.


The Watchlist feature is the next must-have feature for OTT video streaming applications. This is where users can add things that they want to watch later to their watchlist.

As an example, you could send them a notification to remind them to watch the series.

Social features

They will tell you how important social features are to the overall OTT experience. Shareability and daily active users are what make an application shareable.

You should give your users the option to share their social media activity with their friends and family members via social media. Also, a social media login should be available to make onboarding easier.

Screen mirroring

If your users can access the application on screens other than their mobile apps, such as their TV or desktop, it would be beneficial, according to every reputable entertainment app development company. To make your OTT apps available on both mobile and TV devices, you have two options:

  • Using the Google Cast SDK (software)
  • Screen mirroring with AirPlay – an alternative to Google Cast, which only works with Apple TV and iOS apps that are connected to Apple TV

In-app purchases

Finally, OTT in-app purchases are a must-have feature that should not be overlooked.With this feature, you will be able to provide your app users with the ease and seamlessness of money transfer.

It becomes even more important when you decide to use the SVOD and TVOD monetization models like Netflix and Hulu.